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Read the NL-book „GOD-AAN

which has inspired us to our website GOD-ON. See the „o“ in God as a button! Pushing this button the line to God is activated and you can speak, you can ask. Today a certain kind of questions dominates. Naturally! It is impossible to hush them up! Having read the 3 main why-questions above it becomes clear that it doesn‘t go only about failures of a certain number of persons, but about the failure of your whole system, about the failure of the whole of your church, dear almighty God, knowing everything, being present everywhere, even in each second of each painful pedophile child misuse case. How could that happen? How could you loose the control over your church? Did you loose the control over yourself?  That‘s nearly the only answer we can find. Please answer!


In case that you want to teach somebody something, why weak kids, suffering badly, have to be the toys of your demonstration and learning lessons? Please answer!

In case that somebody has to learn something, isn‘t it strange, that nobody knows, what? And that you, allmighty god, doesn‘t tell us, what? Thus we stay thinking, that the learn-theory has to be abandoned. If not, please answer! In case that you remain silent, we interpret that in the sense, that the learn-theory has to be abandoned. And - sure - some people without the gift of strong belief will go on thinking, that they have to abandon you, allmighty GOD. So please answer!

A lot of people are voting with their feet and leave your church. And, very important, they stop paying church tax. This evolution will get much stronger after the wave of pedophile misuse cases breaking through to the public. And the wave of misuse cases of the type sadism perversion did not yet arrive and is going to come. So, allmighty god, answer and save your church!


Some people without the gift of strong belief have already formed a new theory over the cosmos, different from the theory of your church, giving you a different role in the cosmos than your church does. Study the main website of the KosmosChurch, and you know all about it. Push the blue button or the Portal –button in the left corner of the frame above in order to get there! In that theory you loose your allmightiness and go back to your roots, being a fighting god of a tribe, a kind of king in the invisible world, a small power with a strong power above you: the fate and the laws of fate. The greatest law of fate in this theory is the balance law, explaining the existence of plus and minus, of good and bad, giving an explanation, your church has never been able to deliver to the asking people.

So, almighty God, save your church!  Or declare that you are only a small power in the wide universe!


The NL-book „GOD AAN“ presents a cocktail of 100 short stories from 100 authors with a lot of things you should know over the old churches, over their funders (Jesus, …) and their followers. Read over the predictions of Jesus and others, which all clearly failed. Nevertheless, the fundamentalists don‘t study facts. They go on believing. It‘s a matter of temperament and of intelligence. It‘s a matter of fate.


Here the content of one story: Prof. Rutten had calculated date and place of the day of the last judgment, the arrival of God back to earth. When the day came, Prof. Rutten and his followers rushed to that place, Rome, in some 20 busses. They waited a day and a whole night. Finally they had to concede: Nothing had happened. However, they don‘t give up! Now their next inset is 2012. They have the gift of a strong belief!


A professor can fail. But Jesus, the son of God, never. In Mattheus 24/24 Jesus gives his prediction of the said event:  „For real, I say to you, the return  of GOD father for the last judgment will happen still in this generation (that means: until the year 100)“. However, the year 1000 passed. And the year 2000 also ………


The Pope of the KosmosChurch calculated the day himself and got as result: never.


While discussing the sick elements in the old churches,

we should not forget  3  positive elements there.

See :






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Die Kosmoskirche ist auch eine Kirche, der Name sagt es, in erster Linie aber ein wissenschaftliches Institut, um eine stimmige Weltanschauung zu entwickeln, die in die reale Welt hineinpasst, nach all den Fehlschlägen der letzten Zeit, der letzten 2000 Jahre: finsteres Mittelalter, und der letzten 300 Jahre, der großen Angst vor dem Undeutlichen und Nebeligen und der alleinigen Zuwendung zum Exakten. Als ob man durch Ausklammern und Wegsehen und Nicht-Interpretieren des Noch-Nebeligen etwas erreichen könnte! Genau diese Abstinenz ist Garantie für Misserfolg. Genau Interpretation mit guten Ansätzen und Theorien haben wir nötig, um hinter dem Undeutlichen und Nebeligen wirkliche Strukturen zu sehen, oder mögliche Strukturen. Der philosophische Geist, der sich mit Spürsinn durch den Nebel bewegt, Faktenstudium betreibt, Begriffe entwickelt und dann, gestützt auf neue Begriffe und neu ins Bild kommende Fakten, Theorien aufbaut und testet, der und nur der findet durch den Urwald im Nebel Strukturen dahinter.


Das Gesamtbild, mit Altem und Neuen darin, kann man dann

als philosophisches Lehrgebäude darstellen,

als wissenschaftliches Lehrgebäude, oder - da die unsichtbare Welt, die durch den Nebel hindurchscheint, Teil des Gesamtbildes ist -

als kirchliches Lehrgebäude. Verbunden mit dem Lehrgebäude ist in diesem dritten Fall dann Meditation, ein sich Hineinfühlen in das grosse Ganze. Das schafft sakralen Raum. Wer die letzten Elemente nicht dazunehmen will - eine Weltanschauung zusammen mit anderen auch zu leben, was typisch kirchlich ist - der kann sich rein auf die Philosophie beschränken, auf die erklärende Weltanschauung mit neuen Elementen.

Ende Vorwort


Die Bibel

und die Kirchenbriefe der

Apostel Thomas, Filippus und Mattheus


Im entstehenden Christentum entwickelten sich Gemeinden in mehreren

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Then you can ask God openmindedly questions over all and everything. Over all, what is moving you.  For instance (1):  „Why are young children sexually misused, tortured and severely hurted by priests of your church? Why did you tolerate (or initiate) that during the last years, during the last decennia, during the last centuries?“ Prepare yourself by reading : Actual:  Sexual misuse  first ! See pink button down left !

For instance (2) you can ask:  „What can you tell me over the sex-life of your son Jesus? Over his relation to Maria from the village Magdalena? Why has your church been describing Jesus as a Puritan, an anti-sex person, while the opposite was true? Why has your church hushed up the truth until today? Why has your church been spoiling the lifes of so many people during the centuries by producing sexual complications by anti-sex sin-propaganda?“ Prepare yourself by reading : kosmos_jesusbild_thomas  first !

For instance (3) can you ask:  Why is working in your church besides the group of priests of type pedophile perversion a still larger group of type sadistic perversion, making still more damage than the first by frightening childs and adults as much as possible by sin-sin-progaganda, showing the typical sadism grimace when seeing success?


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Worldview of the KosmosChurch with a totally

new world explanation, in harmony with experience

Kritik der neuen Kirche

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Actual:  Sexual misuse

and other perversions

in the old churches



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